CarbonOrO uses a bespoke amine solution to capture CO2 from gasses. The animation shows the heart of the installation with two main elements: an absorber and a desorber. Both are simple cylindrical vessels. The amine solution is pumped from the absorber to the desorber and back to the absorder in a continuous process.

Raw gas (containing CO2) at ambient conditions enters the bottom of the absorber on the left. The amine solution flows top to bottom, in counterflow with the gas stream, and absorbs the CO2 from the gas. The cleaned gas evaporates at the top of the absorder.

The amine solution transports the CO2 to the desorber where it is released by heating. Traditional amine desorbers operate at 140 °C  or above; CarbonOrO desorber temperature is as low as 85 °C, saving 10-25% in energy. Moreover, heating can be done with waste heat (condensed steam) that is typically available at low cost in industrial environment. Adequate integration of desorber heating with existing utilities may save up to 50% in energy costs. 

Carbon capture is done at atmospheric conditions, not requiring any compression of raw gas.