Carbon capture solutions for industrial flue gasses

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Energy Efficient

CarbonOrO uses a unique bi-phasic amine technology. This accounts to a 40% energy saving compared to industry standard mono ethanol amine (MEA).

Less Degradation

This unique solvent is also less prone to oxidative degradation and thermal degradation than mono ethanol amine (MEA).

Lower Footprint

Capturing CO2 shouldn’t come with a big footprint. Our high solvent loading and compact installations mean a lower footprint.

First step in Compression

With regeneration at 105-120˚C, our technology releases CO2 at 4-6 bar, well above the 1-2 bar of prevailing solvents.

Biogas and our technology

The phase shift in our solvent is triggered above the 70 ˚C threshold, releasing the CO2. This low temperature also allows for treatment of biogas.

Accelerating the Net Zero transition by capturing carbon at the source

What we offer

Carbon Capture Units

A single unit can capture up to 100kt CO2 per year. They are delivered on 20ft container frames and assembled off-site, saving time and costs.


For large bespoke installations we provide a rights-based model for third-party exclusive resellers (based on geography and/or industry market presence), or a royalty based model for end-users of CarbonOrO’s technology.


We envisage a complete value chain CC(U)S in one service using our standard capture solution, covering 5-50% of CO2 in flue gases. Payable per tonne CO₂ captured.

Pilot projects

Start 2024
  AVR is the largest waste management company in the Netherlands and considers new carbon capture technologies next to their existing 100 kton/yr installation which is based on MEA technology.
  • A 10 kt/yr capacity custom built Mobile Testing Unit and testing for 2,000 hours.
  • Presently finalizing procurement process and construction.
  • Testing will be performed with support of TNO.
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Mineralisation of waste streams at two industrial sites where CarbonOrO will be providing the Carbon Capture unit.
  • Vandersanden (construction)
  • ArcelorMittal (steel)
This project has received funding from the union EU Framework Program for research and innovation.
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Completed and ongoing projects

Feasibility study



News & Announcements

  • Sneak Preview: Mobile Test Unit for Carbon Capture at Waste Management Company, AVR

  • Filipe V.S. Lopes joins CarbonOrO as Chemical Process Engineer

  • New Advisor for CarbonOrO

  • New Supervisory Board Member for CarbonOrO

  • CarbonOrO closes € 4.1 Million Series A Round

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