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Our mission

At CarbonOrO our mission is to mitigate climate change by turning your landfill or AD plant into a source of renewable energy or extracting the CO2 out of your flue gas.

Going green

We help flue gasses reduce their CO2 footprint, resulting in a more sustainable eco friendly environment.

The team

In order to succeed in this mission, we have a diverse and resourceful team, equipped with years of experience in their own respectful field.

Business case

Our goal is to mitigate climate change by turning your landfill or AD plant into a source of renewable energy. Contact us for a free calculation of the capex and opex costs per m³ of biomethane.

The majority of the world’s municipal solid waste ends up in landfills. Within those landfills anaerobic degradation, a naturally occurring process, generates landfill gas which mainly consists of methane and carbon dioxide.


Methane is a highly potent greenhouse gas that can be captured and used in a variety of applications. When methane is collected from landfills and used it not only prevents the gas from escaping into the atmosphere, but also displaces the carbon dioxide emissions from the fossil fuels that would otherwise have been used.


The methane coming out of your landfill can be converted into the renewable equivalent (biomethane) of natural gas- which will turn your landfill into a renewable energy source and improve your ‘green’ image.


The modular CarbonOrO concept allows for the production of biomethane for:

  • Injection into the gas grid
  • Use as gaseous transportation fuel (CNG: Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Use in liquid gas applications (LNG: Liquified Natural Gas)

The production of bioCNG or bioLNG will create additional value to biomethane. BioCNG and bioLNG are used as substitutes for diesel. BioLNG can easily be transported in containers, allowing to connect to distant customers.


Your optimal business case will depend on local circumstances and may be incentivized with various financial schemes or biofuel certificates.


CarbonOrO will help you optimize your business case. CarbonOrO combines its proprietary upgrading of landfill gas module with modules for filtering, drying, compression and liquefaction. All modules are built from standardized and of-the-shelve components, saving you both capital and operational costs. Residual heat may be used to fuel the energy- efficient CO2-scrubbing process.

This process is also applicable for AD Plants.

The CarbonOrO solution

Where the magic happens...

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    CarbonOrO uses a special amine solution to capture CO2 from raw gas. The installation consists of an absorber and a desorber. When raw landfill / mine gas enters the absorber, CO2 bonds to the amine solution and treated methane leaves the absorber at the top. The amine solution is then pumped to the desorber where CO2 is removed by heating before the amine solution is recirculated to the absorber to repeat the process.

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    Prevailing amine-installations require desorber temperatures of 140 ̊C and above; temperatures that can only be reached with pressurized steam. Our CO2- scrubbing technology operates at much lower temperature. The CarbonOrO amine solution splits in two fractions in the desorber at 80°C. Neither of these two fractions can contain CO2; as a result, all CO2 is fully released from the solution.

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    This effect allows for the desorber to operate with less heat, saving on energy usage. But more important, it opens up the potential to operate the desorber on hot water instead of steam. Hot water (residual heat from condensed steam) is typically abundant and available for free in industrial installations. This drives operational costs significantly down in case of optimal integration with existing utilities.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind CarbonOrO. Our creative and technical team.

Pieter Verberne

General Manager

Jan Hoppenbrouwers

Head Sales & Marketing

Roger Meertens

Chief Financial Officer

Andy van Dijck

Lead Process Engineer

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