Our Technology

Accelerating the Net Zero transition by capturing carbon at the source

Our technology

CarbonOrO’s proprietary technology uses a unique bi-phasic amine solvent. It was developed with a strong focus on effectiveness in chemical absorption/desorption of CO2, superb loading characteristics, energy efficiency and stability (low degradation). This allows for applications on a wide range of potential emission sources from 5-50% CO2 for both new installation or to retrofit existing ones.

The most efficient carbon capture

Energy Efficient

CarbonOrO uses a unique bi-phasic amine technology. This accounts to a 40% energy saving compared to industry standard mono ethanol amine (MEA).

Less Degradation

This unique solvent is also less prone to oxidative degradation and thermal degradation than mono ethanol amine (MEA).

Small Footprint

Capturing CO2 shouldn’t come with a large footprint. Our high solvent loading and compact installations mean a small footprint.

First step in Compression

With regeneration at 105-120˚C, our technology releases CO2 at 4-6 bar, well above the 1-2 bar of prevailing solvents.

Biogas and our technology

The phase shift in our solvent is triggered above the 70 ˚C threshold, releasing the CO2. This low temperature also allows for treatment of biogas.

First “Garage” Test

Here you can see one of our first tests. You can see the bi-phasic reaction and release of CO2 at low temperatures (the voice over mentioned the temperature is 87 Degrees Celsius and 97% CO2 capture rate is shown). The solvent starts reacting as of 70 Degrees Celsius.


What is the price per tonne of CO2 captured with CarbonOrO Technology?

A Definitive answer is only possible if we know details such as local energy prices, composition of flue gas and volume of flue gas, among others. Get in touch to find out more.

What is the price of your amines?

CarbonOrO amines are suitable for a range of other applications and are available through commercial channels. The price is comparable with MEA. Get in touch to find out more.

Is the reclaiming process a batch process or is it continuous?

It is continuous.

It is stated that CarbonOrO's absorbent can be operated at 120C when the operating pressure of stripper is 5 bar. That is lower than 150 degrees Celsius that is normal operating temperature for typical absorbent such as 30% MEA or peperazine. Could you explain what makes the difference?

CarbonOrO uses a bi-phasic amine solvent. CO2 desorption (regeneration) is due to a combination of chemical and physical (phase shift) characteristics. Combined, CO2 is released at lower temperature (starting from 70 Degrees Celsius) and higher pressure than prevailing amine solvents like MEA.

Is the solvent IP-protected?

The CarbonOrO solvent is not IP-protected. None of our competitors have patented their solvent either.

How can we help?

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